Medical History [EN]

For those who know Gabriela, she is one of the most smiley, optimistic and helpful persons I know, despite the fact that she hides an unimaginable story in the back.

When young people generally prepare to start their lives, when they are supposed to get ready for a new, exciting path with many hopes and plans, Gabriela found that her life would take an unexpected turn and that she was about to lose her health forever. At the beginning of second year of University, the first signs started to appear, signs that would lead after months of interns, analyses and diagnostics, to a chronic autoimmune disease that would destroy all plans for a young teenager’s life. Everything debuted extremely aggressively, in a very short time, turning into a long line of pain and the impossibility to have a normal life without medication.

For each of us it is so usual to wake up in the morning, take a shower, prepare your cup of coffee and go to the office, right? Imagine that you can only do these things conditioned by a treatment, that you cannot close your hand, open a bottle of water or flex your feet normally.

Following her visits to the Privatklinik Döbling clinic in Vienna and the Münster hospital in Germany, the confirmed diagnosis was: Polyarthritis stage III with aggressive onset. That was the moment when Gabriela’s life changed, following  years of treatment, also in the present. Here you can find the last discharge from the hospital. (Hospital letter 2017). Becoming unresponsive to traditional treatment (corticotherapy), biological therapy began: Humira (an anti-TNFα agent), with no result, and currently Orencia (blocker of the costimulatory pathway on the CTLA4 receptor) also unresponsive.

Despite these treatments, which kept her inundated with high dosages of drugs, unable to function, the affection continues its evolution. Moreover, meanwhile, structural changes have occurred within the joints. Without proper treatment, it will come to destruction of bone and cartilage, affection being one of the most common causes of locomotion disability!

But she has currently the possibility to have an alternative treatment. Recently, after huge pain and swollen joints, she was consulted by a team of doctors working at the largest clinic dedicated to Chinese classical medicine in Anhui Province, China.
Following the consultations, these doctors, Gabriela`s last hope, told her they have the treatment that could not only make her life better, but also fix the problems her autoimmune disease have already done in her body. Desiring the remission of the disease, the treatment stretches over several stages .

In order to benefit from this treatment, in December 2017, her family, friends, close persons and companies worked and helped together, and thus she managed to pay for the first four stages of treatment.

We are thankful for the ones who supported her, without them Gabriela would not have been able to start the treatment, more with the fact that she has good news now.

Although the treatment has  good result, unfortunately she has to continue it. She will go and see the Chinese doctors in the following period, but then she will have to stop the treatment for lack of funds. This is why she will need our help again!

That is why we ask for your help, in order to continue this treatment which is coming to an end!

It is extraordinary to know that it’s up to you to give back someone’s health!

Let’s help Gabriela keep her beautiful smile and continue this treatment that could change her life!

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